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From the heart of Germany’s craftsmanship legacy emerged Bartelt Glass, a maestro of glass and kitchen innovation. The call for a digital evolution led to an intricate collaboration, breathing life into their digital presence. As the artisan behind the scenes, I embarked on a journey to infuse their online identity with modernity, elegance, and unprecedented functionality. This article traces the transformative path of Bartelt Glass, where a meticulously designed homepage and a groundbreaking ecommerce system coalesce into an immersive user experience.

The journey commenced with the embodiment of a design masterpiece. The Figma design served as the blueprint, where every pixel was meticulously placed. The homepage emerged as a digital canvas, marrying aesthetics with functionality, ensuring the essence of Bartelt Glass transcends the physical world.

Bartelt Glass’s vision extended beyond ordinary ecommerce. They sought to empower users to design their dream kitchen online, an aspiration that required unparalleled ingenuity. The solution was a bespoke ecommerce system that hinged on Gutenberg blocks, custom post types, advanced custom fields, custom PHP, and a symphony of custom JavaScript.In the spotlight was the ‘Kitchen Designer,’ a virtual playground where users could orchestrate their kitchen’s aesthetic symphony. With intuitive controls, they could visualize different configurations, materials, and finishes, ultimately culminating in a personalized masterpiece. The integration of advanced custom fields and custom JavaScript ensured seamless interactions, offering an unparalleled experience akin to a bespoke atelier.

Behind the scenes, the symphony played on. Custom post types orchestrated product management, facilitating the seamless addition of new products, materials, and options. Custom PHP breathed life into complex calculations, ensuring the user’s design remained rooted in reality. This intricate dance of technology and creativity elevated the ecommerce system into a realm of its own.

A digital presence without visibility is a canvas without admirers. The website was meticulously optimized for SEO, ensuring Bartelt Glass would shine brightly in search engine results. As their creations stood on the cusp of innovation, the SEO strategy positioned them at the forefront of digital discovery.

The metamorphosis of Bartelt Glass into a digital haven of craftsmanship epitomizes the synergy of design, technology, and vision. From translating Figma designs into a captivating homepage to engineering a groundbreaking ecommerce system, the journey illuminated the power of innovation. As Bartelt Glass continues to redefine the realms of glass and kitchen craftsmanship, their digital presence now serves as a testament to their unwavering commitment to excellence. It was an honor to be part of this evolution, and I look forward to embracing more opportunities to intertwine digital artistry with business success.


Custom Functionalities


June 2023