What we did

In the heart of Tirana, Albania, the Kristofor Kolombi Language Center stood as a beacon of education. However, a dated website was holding back its potential. The challenge: to breathe new life into the center’s online identity. As the architect of this transformation, I embarked on a journey that embraced modern design, seamless functionality, and comprehensive SEO strategies. This article chronicles the remarkable metamorphosis of Kristofor Kolombi, highlighting the fusion of technology and creativity.

The journey commenced with a clean slate, leaving behind the antiquated website. A spectrum of contemporary designs was presented, allowing the center to choose a new digital facade. This step set the tone for a visually captivating and user-centric website that would align with the center’s educational ethos.

The canvas of creativity was expanded with Elementor Pro, a versatile theme builder. Merging it with Advanced Custom Fields, we crafted a virtual space that seamlessly translated ideas into functionalities. This union empowered Kristofor Kolombi to control and manage their content with unparalleled ease, ensuring a fluid and engaging user experience.

The client’s vision included a robust booking system and an efficient data management solution. This was realized through meticulous integration. The booking system transformed the website into a hub where users could effortlessly schedule language courses. Advanced Custom Fields played a pivotal role in creating a database that meticulously stored each user-filled form, fostering streamlined communication and organization.

Kristofor Kolombi’s impact extended beyond Albania’s borders, necessitating multilingual capabilities. The WPML plugin stepped in, allowing the seamless translation of content into English. This expansion ensured accessibility to a wider audience, reinforcing the center’s position as an international educational institution.

Visibility in the digital realm was paramount. The website underwent an SEO overhaul, optimizing content, meta tags, and loading times to ascend search engine rankings. A Google My Business listing injected the center onto the local map, while Google Search Console ensured a technical edge for indexing and performance enhancement.

The metamorphosis of Kristofor Kolombi Language Center’s online presence stands as a testament to the potent fusion of design, technology, and strategic thinking. The rejuvenation journey saw the integration of cutting-edge tools, a seamless booking system, and internationalization through multilingual capabilities. The triumphant finale was the center’s newfound prominence on Google, fostering visibility and reach. As Kristofor Kolombi continues to shape linguistic horizons, its digital persona now mirrors its dedication to excellence. It was an honor to orchestrate this transformation, and I eagerly anticipate more opportunities to weave innovation into the fabric of business success.


Design, Development


20 February, 2023